JBR#2 – Hua Hin, Thailand

I managed to squeeze out some day offs from my work so I decided to go somewhere that I could relax and Thailand came  to mind. Thailand is a very popular vacation destination so I won’t say much about it, just something about Hua Hin, my first place of visit in my Thailand trip this time since not too many tourists included Hua Hin into their schedules.


Hua Hin once was a fishing village, then a royal resort and now, is an attractive tourist spot. You can easily get there from the airport by bus. The bus ticket booth is located at entrance 8, floor 1, arrival hall and there are buses every 2 hour. I managed to get ticket for the 5.30pm bus, it would take about 3.5 to 4 hours depending on traffic to reach Hua Hin. They got the place to keep luggage and the seat was quite spacious, there was plenty space to stretch my legs so it was kinda okay to take this bus right after a several hour flight.


Honestly speaking, there wasn’t anything significant to Hua Hin compared to other tourist destinations. Its beaches were average, no natural wonders or anything of that sort, it was hardly the culture aspect enough to take you to visit Hua Hin either. I visited almost all the tourist spots recommended for Hua Hin, night markets, floating market, museum, park, royal palace, sheep farm, train station,… and came to a conclusion, don’t believe in the brochure too much. It still had some nice places that I would recommend as below.


Cicada market


It is a night market originally formed for the young artists and artisans to introduce their products. You really can find many interesting things here, blown glass, hand painted T shirt,… just to name a few. I found an artist who made miniature dog figurines that only as big as 5mm in length yet still very detailed. A great souvenir to remind me of this trip.


If you ever visit Hua Hin, remember to check out this amazing Cicada market.


Hua Hin Plearnwan retro open air life museum


It’s more like a Japanese shopping district than a museum to me but still worth a visit. There are many shops here which sell everything, old school children toys, manga and comic character figurines, T-shirt, street food,… Not only for tourists, many locals visit this place in the weekend as part of their trip from Bangkok as well. You can find some shops that sell traditional stuffs here like this sugar sculptor, he makes sugar into many different shapes like heart with flower, animal, manga character,… or something of your choice. It’s really fascinating to watch him doing his work.



Mrigadayavan Palace


This is where everything started for Hua Hin. The royal family built their summer resort here and Hua Hin began to develop into the Hua Hin town today. This Palace by the sea has a serenity atmosphere and a story to tell.


Hua Hin railway station


This is a railway station that still in operation today, but not an ordinary one, it’s the most beautiful railway station in Thailand. But as the name suggested, it’s just a station, so if you have the time, take a look (and some photos, of course) of this place.


The most disappointing place of visit in Hua Hin to me must be Samphannam floating market. It’s just a normal market by the water, no vendors on their boat, nothing that makes any differences to other places, be it the products they sell or the activities held there.


Hua Hin has a laid back vibe and the locals are friendly, the seafood and other street food are good. Even though Hua Hin is not over touristy, it still has many night pubs and a vibrant night life in case you’re interested in some party time. Overall, it’s a great place if you want a place to relax and refresh.

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