Somewhere in Tokyo

On my way to the appointment, I spotted this one in Ginza, mischievous Eros was waiting for his victim.


I had thought it was some kinds of street art or shop decoration. But no, some movers were unpacking carton boxes and because they didn’t want to cause inconveniences to the people walking on the street, they put it that way. Didn’t know that was intentional or not, yet it was a funny surprise when I saw it right at the corner of the street. Too bad I was in a hurry so I couldn’t stop and take another photo of him with bow and arrows from the other side.


The appointment ended successfully, going out of the office building, I had a glance of the cafeteria, and this one caught my eyes. Before my trip to Japan, I had read many travel blogs, JBRs and reviews so I knew Japan had the plastic food sample culture and what to expect out of it. But seriously, this one was inedible? It looked so realistic and delicious.  food_sample

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